Jennifer Perry self portrait




Jennifer Perry is a self-taught visual artist, graphic designer, and photographer. She started taking local art lessons and practicing art at a young age. Her undergraduate education began in architecture because of her skills in art and mathematics. After pivoting away from architecture, Jennifer worked her way through the corporate world in graphic design, marketing, and project management. 

Her love for the beauty of ordinary things in nature led her to explore photography as a creative outlet until chronic illness and limited mobility made photography difficult. Jennifer is now making digital art from her iPad Pro that can be printed beautifully in large formats. She also uses a special adaptable easel that allows her to comfortably create smaller analog works. Jennifer likes to infuse a textural quality to her vibrantly colored contemporary artworks and is constantly evolving her whimsical realism style which often celebrates diversity in women. 

Born and raised in the Southeast, Jennifer has lived all over the United States. She recently moved from Los Angeles to Tulsa, Oklahoma and lives with her writer/maker husband and two adorable cats.